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Frequently Asked Questions

The App for Happy Couples and Families, We're Here for People

Who is the Labor of Love app for?

The Labor of Love app is not for everyone. It's for those of us in relationships who have a lot of stuff to do, where sometimes our contributions might be overlooked, or perhaps we overlook our partner's contributions. It's for those of us who would like to feel rewarded for what we do, inside and outside of the home. It's for families that need a tool to stay organized, stay on top of their daily and weekly duties, and take the stress out of chores.

Do people really need rewards to get them to help around the house?

Maybe, but that's not the purpose of the Labor of Love app. The Labor of Love app is for making sure that the work people are already doing inside and outside the home is noticed and appreciated. The reward structure is set up as a way for couples to show their appreciation.

There are other task sharing apps out there. What makes Labor of Love different?

The points and rewards system is what sets Labor of Love apart. This gamification helps to make the tasks more enjoyable, ensures that each individual's contributions are not overlooked or taken for granted, and allows users to create rewards that interest them personally.

Does each person in the relationship need their own copy of the Labor of Love app?

We recommend that each person in the relationship have the Labor of Love app on their device(s) to maximize the collaborative benefits of the App and to enable personalized rewards for each individual. For families, each family member should have a copy of the App to ensure that each member's completed tasks are tracked separately and ensure that their reward is personalized for that individual.

How often are there updates to the App — and how will I learn about them?

The Labor of Love app will be updated regularly. Please Subscribe below and we'll let you know when any major announcement is made.

Will the Labor of Love app be available for Android?

The short answer is yes. Expanding our support to include Android is planned for the near future. Please Subscribe below and we'll let you know when we have more info to share.

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